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The mission of the NCHEMS Information Center for State Higher Education Policymaking and Analysis (The Information Center) is to provide state policymakers and analysts timely and accurate data and information that are useful in making sound higher education policy decisions. Through the work of a small staff and the operation of a website, the Information Center is the only comprehensive "one-stop-shop" for state-level higher education data and information, and a leader in coordinating activities and securing funds for the collection of missing data and information that are crucial for higher education policy analysis.

The Information Center is the leader in providing data and information organized in such a way that has meaning and utility for state policymakers as they address higher education policy issues. It provides open access (free of charge) to accurate data and information collected from well-respected sources and provides links to other useful information-all of which are combined to address the most critical policy issues facing higher education. The Information Center is more than a set of referrals to other sites. Specifically, it:

The end result is turning data into information, and information into the knowledge needed to make well-informed policy decisions.