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Purpose & Core Values

Driven by our Purpose

At NCHEMS, we’re driven by our purpose: To Create Opportunities for All People to Prosper. Our purpose guides our work every day, and it informs and inspires the innovative solutions and information we create for our stakeholders.

We are also guided by our values:

  • We Create Impact – We are inventive and creative, focused on helping to develop new evidence-based solutions, and we actively shape how postsecondary education evolves.
  • We Are Rigorous – We love data; we dig deep and spend the time necessary to really understand and continually learn and advance. We are always curious.
  • We Collaborate – We listen to understand, we consider all ideas, and we enjoy working with others.
  • We Lead with Evidence – We are impartial and independent, critical even when it is unpopular. We are uncompromising in helping to serve the needs of the public and of students, especially those who have been historically underserved.
  • We Love Our Work

As a mission- and values-driven organization, NCHEMS staff are aligned in working towards the same goals with a common vision for how to provide the best possible service to the organizations, partners, and stakeholders with whom we work.

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