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Our Knowledge First Framework™

Our Unique Process

At NCHEMS, we’re committed to empowering the evolution of higher education policy and practice. We work to provide stakeholders with the educational intelligence and insights they need to inform and support their decision-making. These efforts result in the impactful implementation of sustainable solutions and systems that can improve access and success to students.

We don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach in our work. Over the course of our long history, we have built deep knowledge and expertise in a number of areas within the higher education field. Our Knowledge First Framework™ is the conceptual basis upon which we approach all of our projects. Using a framework steeped in deep knowledge and expertise ensures our partners and stakeholders have the critical information and insights to make strategic decisions and inspire action.

Core Components of Our Knowledge First Framework™

Our Knowledge First Framework™ highlights a detailed, adaptable process that focuses on creating real and feasible systems and solutions for our stakeholders. These are the main components of our unique process:

  • Listen to Understand – We spend the time necessary to really understand the context and history behind the problem our stakeholders are seeking to solve. This background knowledge is crucial to diagnosing the specifics of the challenges they face.
  • Conduct Objective Research – Our recommendations are independent and impartial. They are driven by data obtained from comprehensive research paired with rich knowledge and evolving expertise. This enables us to provide the insights necessary to evaluate each potential solution.
  • Present Viable Options and Ideas – We incorporate all the critical elements, data, and information and, through deep stakeholder engagement, help to guide and generate innovative solutions that will create the best outcomes from a set of competing possibilities.
  • Facilitate Decision Making – We engage stakeholders in discussion and evaluation of different options to arrive at a solution or set of solutions that achieve their goals and drive their organization and work forward.
  • Support Implementation – Our work isn’t done after collaborating with stakeholders on a solution to their challenges. We set them up for success every step of the way by providing the support structures they need to ensure the plan is implemented properly.

Our Knowledge First Framework™ provides a system for understanding the entire ecosystem surrounding the complex challenges and situations facing our stakeholders in higher education today and helps guide evidence-based decision-making and the implementation of viable solutions.

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