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Our Team

Louisa Hunkerstorm

Senior Associate


Louisa joined NCHEMS in April 2022 as a Research Associate. She has particular interests in translating data into actionable insights for decision makers and in fostering climates of improvement and growth. She previously worked at Central Wyoming College for over eight years where, as the Director of Institutional Effectiveness, she was responsible for data governance, institutional research, continuous quality improvement, strategic planning, and accreditation.

Education & Training

Louisa holds a B.A. in Comparative Literature from Dartmouth College and a M.A. in Communication from the University of Washington.

Outside Interests

Louisa has spent many hundreds of nights camping and is a devoted cross-country skier. Lately, she has been taking her two young kids rafting, biking, hiking, and skiing, and appreciating the small treasures they find along the way.

She enjoys participating and contributing to her hometown of Lander, WY however she can.

Why I Work With NCHEMS

I have seen how higher education can positively impact individual lives as well as entire communities, and how data can lead to meaningful improvements in student success and equity. Working at NCHEMS allows me to contribute to those impacts on a large scale.