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Our Team

Jacquelyn Villa

Project and Communications Manager


Jacquelyn Villa joined NCHEMS as a project and communications manager in 2024. In this role, she will assist in the development, implementation and maintenance of a communications strategy for the organization. Jacquelyn will also track and oversee project timelines, as well as manage processes to meet the needs of each project and the project partners.

Prior to coming to NCHEMS, Jacquelyn was a project manager at Education Commission of the States. She also worked at the University of Denver, in both the School of Accountancy at Daniels College of Business and the Ritchie School of Engineering and Computer Science. Jacquelyn was a junior community manager at WideFoc.us and helped manage the social media accounts for several different organizations. She volunteers with the Denver Scholarship Foundation Mentor Program as a mentor for high school students in the program at a Denver Public School.

Education & Training

Jacquelyn earned a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Denver and holds a certificate in publishing after attending the Denver Publishing Institute.

Outside Interests

Jacquelyn is a huge cinephile and loves spending time watching movies and shows. She also enjoys reading and working on paint-by-numbers for stress relief. She has a big collection of lipsticks in many different shades, and her earring collection has gotten much bigger in the last few years. Jacquelyn loves baseball and football. She is a big Broncos fan, even if they don’t always have the best season.

Why I Work With NCHEMS

Education is highly important to me, both on a personal and professional level. By working at NCHEMS, I hope that I can support the team’s work while developing and supporting strategies that showcase their expertise. I want to help ensure that NCHEMS puts out the best version of its work and assist with having more equitable solutions for system problems, as well as having more accessibility to the work overall. I am excited to create new processes and establish more organization so the rest of the team can focus more on finding solutions for each project.