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Our Team

John Clark

Research Associate




John Clark is a Research Associate and has been with NCHEMS since March 2000. John not only provides analytical and technical support in the development of predictive student pipeline and workforce demand/supply modeling, but also provides NCHEMS and its clients with an on-going database of student and population demographics drawn from publicly available data from the U.S. Census Bureau, National Center for Education Statistics, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Bureau of Economic Analysis, State Labor and Employment agencies, and other data rich websites that help support NCHEMS mission and projects. John provides annual data and analytic support for the Lumina Foundation’s Stronger Nation report and provides institutional performance modeling and data support to the Aspen Institute’s College Excellence Program, particularly for their Biannual Prize for Community College Excellence. John also has some expertise in GIS/thematic mapping applications which he uses to help analyze demographic diversity across states, counties, and other sub-state geographies.

John was previously employed by PTI Environmental Services as an Assistant Environmental Scientist where he gained valuable experience analyzing and modeling subterranean geologic data related to groundwater flow and contamination from open-pit mining. He also worked for Micro Motion, Inc. as a Statistical Process Control Technician where his primary responsibility included quality manufacturing improvement through the application of Statistical Process Control techniques and Control Charting.

Education & Training

John attended the University of Southern Colorado (now Colorado State University-Pueblo) from 1988-91 and Colorado State University in Fort Collins from 1991-93. John earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in mathematics with a heavy emphasis in mathematical and applied statistics. Other areas of interest included economics, physics, and geology.

Outside Interests

When John isn’t crunching numbers, you can probably find him crushing iron in his home gym, blazing away on his spin bike, or trying to negotiate the turns at the local high school track. He also loves spending time with his dog Violet exploring game trails and the back roads near his home in the mountains or playing a good game of tug-of-war or chase! John also enjoys science fiction, action, and adventure movies and is a true Trekkie! He is a truck enthusiast and enjoys watching NFL Football (Go Broncos!).

Why I Work With NCHEMS

When I was first hired by NCHEMS as a Data Analyst back in March of 2000, I viewed my position as an opportunity to utilize and hone my mathematical and statistical skills but I quickly learned that there was much more connected with the numbers I was given to analyze. The importance of NCHEMS’s mission to improve strategic decision-making in higher education became clear as did the potential impact this work could have on our society and the quality of life associated with it. As such, I have remained with NCHEMS to further this mission and it is my hope that the work and research we provide to the higher education world works to enhance the success, opportunities, and happiness of all persons in our society.