Public Agenda (State Specific Projects)

NCHEMS’ work with states is primarily in support of state policy makers, task forces or commissions. The following are examples of state projects and reports to which NCHEMS has made a contribution over the past 10-years.

Kentucky Task Force on Postsecondary Education, Postsecondary Education in Kentucky: An Assessment. (1996-97)

Kentucky Task Force on Adult Education, “Adult Education and Literacy in Kentucky” (1999)

Assessment of Postsecondary Education in Kentucky, report prepared for the Pritchard Committee for Academic Excellence (2002).

North Dakota Roundtable on Higher Education (1999 to present)

Pennsylvania Commission for Community Colleges, Community Colleges and the Future of Pennsylvania: An Agenda for Public Policy (October 2001).

Foundations for the Future: Higher Education in South Carolina, report prepared for the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education. Joint project with the Association of Governing Boards of Colleges and Universities (AGB) (2003)

Indiana Government Efficiency Commission, Subcommittee on Higher Education (2004)

Nevada Legislative Interim Committee to Evaluate Higher Education Programs (November 2004).

Hawaii Task Force on Economic Development, Workforce Development, and the Role of the University of Hawaii in the Economic Future of the State (2005-2006).

Texas Governor’s Business Council, “Leading the Way: An Action Plan for Making Texas Higher Education Globally Competitive” (2006)

Quadrennial Review of the Alabama Commission on Higher Education (1999 and 2006).

Unmet Needs for Baccalaureate Education in Pima County, report prepared for Pima County Community College District (December 2006).