All institutions, state agencies of higher education, and systems offices are eligible for NCHEMS membership. Each campus in a system must join in order to realize the membership benefits.

The key to the NCHEMS network is your own liaison officer. Each member organization appoints an individual who coordinates communication with NCHEMS. This individual can also serve as the hub of your own internal network of department chairs, deans, administrators, and executives.

Because the NCHEMS Subscribing Membership Program provides benefits not just for one individual but for your entire organization, your liaison officer can ensure that full use is made of discounts on NCHEMS publications, products, and services. The liaison officer is also a vital link in communicating your institution's needs and interests to NCHEMS. The Center, of course, serves the entire higher education community and all are invited to participate in its programs and receive its newsletter. The activities of the liaison officer in a member institution contribute to this existing network by strengthening lines of communication and ensuring systematic distribution of the Center's latest publications, tools, and services.

Membership provides your institution with access to NCHEMS products and services at a considerable savings:

The annual fee for participation in the NCHEMS Membership Program is $300.

Download Membership Form (.pdf)

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