Rachel Christeson is a Research Associate with NCHEMS. She is involved with several current projects as an analyst
and data visualization specialist. Prior to joining NCHEMS, Rachel served as a Data Analyst with Aurora Public Schools,
Director of Institutional Research for the Colorado Community College System, and Assistant Director of Admissions for
Data Management at Metropolitan State College of Denver.

Rachel is currently earning her Ph.D. from the University of Northern Colorado in Higher Education & Student Affairs Leadership.
Her research interests include state policies on college and career readiness and their impact on student success outcomes, as well as
successful policy implementation at the institution and system level. Rachel also holds a master’s degree in Higher Education from
the University of Denver, and a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Her areas of expertise include data visualization, qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, program evaluation,
college and career readiness policies, community colleges and P-20 pipeline issues.